Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Well, this is what it's come down to..

"This post was made by _______ who is currently on your ignore list. Display this post."

I'm thankful Bliss's Unbound forums has a block feature, because the drama from the other night did fizzle and die down- thankfully, but this user in question is just....a complete and total piece of work.

And 'work' is the polite word for what I want to call this person.

First, it was some stupid thing they wouldn't back down from. And now, it's getting frustrated with people who have Down Syndrome (like my Uncle, for example. -.-) over something silly and really- would it have been so much trouble to just HELP the girl with Down Syndrome?

If you are just joining the party, the post in question that is bothering me NOW is this:

"Do you guys want to hear a story? No? Too bad, I'm telling anyway!

It was between second and third period. A girl is in front of my locker, so of course I say excuse me. She does (but gives me no personal space). I get my stuff and want to shut my locker, but she's in the way. Turns out, her foot was in my locker...She is down syndrome and I get that, so I ask her to please move her foot. What does she tell me? It's stuck. Her foot is not stuck! I tell her I have to get to class and it's not funny. She isn't budging. A locker neighbor asks her to move it, and she still doesn't. She tells him that she doesn't know me... He says I have to get to class. But no, she says "Adam, you're cute". Of course...She asks if I will tell the prinipal on her! I ignore her question and tell her it's not funny anymore and that she has to move her foot. She calls across to someone and asks for help to get her foot out. Of course they don't come. So I end up having to leave her there with my locker door open. I was a bit nervous that the locker door was still open or that she stole something, and luckily she didn't.

I don't want anyone to tell me that I'm not patient since she's down syndrome, or I wasn't nice enough. I was as nice as possible."

No, user, you were NOT as nice as possible. You have only reaffirmed my suspicion that you are self-centered and rude, not to mention a bit bitchy.

But, now that this user is on my 'foe' list, I will be spared for having to read any more of this bullshit.

Back to regularly scheduled Simming now, please.

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