Sunday, May 22, 2011

Modeling Competitions: Updated!

  • Gentlemen's Club Cycle 1 [Not sure where this comp is going...=/]
  • Dark Shadowz Faerie Edition Cycle 4
  • Enchant Me Cycle 3
  • Queen of the Underworld Cycle 1
  • Beech Modeling, Swimsuit Edition. (Cycle 1?)
  • One Shot Modeling Cycle 1
  • I Do Cycle One
That's...7 Competitions.

Holy Fuck.

I also do advertising for Sensation Magazine, and write for Sensation Teen.

And I'm planning a little just-for-fun story. Title is a WIP.

Edit: Not to mention hosting Last Model Standing AND being a Co-Host for L's Edit Mania.

Holy fuck fuck fuck.

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