Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fantasy World Cycle 2 Entries

Alright, so, part of me getting a Simming blog was to keep track of my entries for Sims Modeling Competitions.
I thought it would be easier to just group my entries by competition instead of having them in separate posts and playing search 'n find.

Since Fantasy World has been done for awhile now, I'm going to start with that.

Fantasy World was my first ever 'real' competition. I entered Enchant Me first, but it was later canceled, so this was my first competition I competed in.

NOTE: All thumbnails are clickable to go to full-size images.

I entered with Kinley, a Sim I had made specifically for comps. She's a loner, athletic vegetarian who enjoys nothing more than a good book and hates gossip.


1st Assignment: Superhero
I made up a Superhero for Kinley- the black racer, because she was so athletic.

2nd Assignment: Profession/Job
I was stuck on this one for AGES since we couldn't do anything in the athletic career track. I ended up slapping an entry together at the last minute, and it definitely shows. I think the only reason I stayed in the comp at this point because there were drop-outs.


3rd Assignment: Disney Princess
I picked Mulan and got points off because she wasn't an official "princess", but I still did fairly well. I put in a lot of effort editing-wise (Most of what you see in the image was painted-on by me and not just ripped from google) and managed to not be last, which was good. I felt like I was back on my game.


4th Assignment: Mermaid
I went with a more darker feel and tried building a better set. I think I was just starting to learn how to place clutter. Wish I would have left the pearls off, though. They were a last-minute addition and didn't come out as well as I wanted them too.


5th Assignment: Wedding
I got sick here, and so my entry is REALLLY bad. I'm hesitant to even post it, it's just THAT awful. The judges were super nice about it, and the only reason I stayed in the comp is because by this time it had switched over to a non-elimination comp.


6th Assignment: The Future
I didn't want to go to an apocalyptic Earth, so I took a page (and a background) out of Wall-E. Could have been better, but wasn't terrible.

The Finale:
I cannot believe I lasted this long in the competition. =O For the Finale, we had to do two images. A Supermodel, and an Old Hollywood style image. We also had to resize them to fit Sensation Magazine, which kind of killed my entries, so I'm going to post the un-resized versions:
Old Hollywood:

I came in third, with Mojo in second and Debbi in first. I think everyone did REALLY well, and Beech was an AMAZING competition host. I learned SO much from this comp and the judges scores and comments, and I am definitely happy I joined.

And look, I got a nifty banner:

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