Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I was never good at baseball...

So why does life keep throwing me curveballs? lol

Still recovering from the thing with Mickey, but feeling a little bit better everyday. Have decided on a course of action for my love life, now if only I could get that man to write me back then I would be all good.
But, on my quest to find the special someone (someones?) just for me I have discovered that dating... kind of sucks.

The first person to show interest in my happened right after the break up and if you hang around at The Unbound chat as often as I do then you've already heard the story.

Boy meets girl, boy makes nice talk to girl, boy turns out to be a weird creeper and potential stalker.

At least it was through this horrible experience that I finally realized the man for me has been right under my nose for the past six years or so.

Now to figure out how to actively pursue him without coming off as a bother. Hmn. I think two emails and a phonecall should be enough for now.

I probably won't be able to do the email thing for awhile anyway since life has seen fit to throw me another curveball in the form of the internet on my laptop not working, nomatter what I do.
That God the parentals have different internet then I do, but I hate having to use this dinosaur of a computer for all of my web surfing needs.

I wish I could get back into Simming fulltime but even that has become a frustration to me.

Life, I swear to freaking God if you throw me another hard hitter I am going to throw it right back at you.

Baseball termonology might be wrong.
I am a nerd, don't expect so much out of me.


  1. Oh, Pen! You're too funny with the baseball talk.

    He will get back to you. Make it so! :)

  2. Aww, thanks Ash. =)
    I can only hope so. -crosses fingers-